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chicago pneumatic qrs 20 air compressor

Chicago Pneumatic QRSM

The QRSM range meets the compressed air demands of tire shops, paint shops, car dealers, maintenance shops and more. The range is quiet by design, allowing it to be installed almost anywhere in the workshop, without disturbing your working environment. Base mounted or tank mounted, with or without dryer, and with 100-175 psig pressure variants available, the QRS is a complete solution for your business.

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Part NumberModel NumberCapacityHPAvailable PressureDescription
4152022920QRSM 20 BMD-362.720125QRSM 20HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152022921QRSM 20 BMD-359.920150QRSM 20HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152023186QRSM 20 TM-362.720125QRSM 20HP TM 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152023187QRSM 20 TM-359.920150QRSM 20HP TM 150PSI TRIV/3/60
4152023190QRSM 20 TMD-362.720125QRSM 20HPD TM 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152023191QRSM 20 TMD-359.920150QRSM 20HPD TM 150PSI TRIV/3/60
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