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QRS Rotary Screw Compressor

The QRS series (3-30 hp) is a rotary screw compressor that is specially designed for high performance, efficiency and reliability. Ideal for automotive and light industrial applications, the QRS is engineered and built to support the most demanding requirements.

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Part NumberModel NumberCapacityHPAvailable PressureDescription
4152054793QRS 3 BM-18.53150QRS 3HP 150PSI 230/1/60 BM
4152054769QRS 3 BM-38.53150QRS 3HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152054795QRS 3 TM-18.53150QRS 3HP 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054771QRS 3 TM-38.53150QRS 3HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152054799QRS 5 BM-116.65150QRS 5HP 150PSI 230/1/60 BM
4152054775QRS 5 BM-316.65150QRS 5HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152054801QRS 5 TM-116.65150QRS 5HP 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054777QRS 5 TM-316.65150QRS 5HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152054805QRS 7.5 BM-121.27.5150QRS 7.5HP 150PSI 230/1/60 BM
4152054781QRS 7.5 BM-321.27.5150QRS 7.5HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152054807QRS 7.5 TM-121.27.5150QRS 7.5HP 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054783QRS 7.5 TM-3 21.27.5150QRS 7.5HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152054797QRS 3 TMD-18.53150QRS 3HPD 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054773QRS 3 TMD-3 8.53150QRS 3HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152022912QRS 10 BM-34010125QRS 10HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152022913QRS 10 BM-335.210150QRS 10HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152023170QRS 10 TM-34010125QRS 10HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023171QRS 10 TM-335.210150QRS 10HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152054803QRS 5 TMD-116.65150QRS 5HPD 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054779QRS 5 TMD-316.65150QRS 5HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152022916QRS 15 BM-356.515125QRS 15HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152022917QRS 15 BM-35115150QRS 15HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152023174QRS 15 TM-356.515125QRS 15HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023175QRS 15 TM-35115150QRS 15HP 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152054809QRS 7.5 TMD-121.27.5150QRS 7.5HPD 150PSI 230/1/60 TM
4152054785QRS 7.5 TMD-3 21.27.5150QRS 7.5HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023178QRS 10 TMD-3 4010125QRS 10HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023179QRS 10 TMD-3 35.210150QRS 10HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023182QRS 15 TMD-356.515125QRS 15HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152023183QRS 15 TMD-35115150QRS 15HPD 150PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152026996QRS 20 BM-382.220125QRS 20HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152027000QRS 25 BM-399.425125QRS 25HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152027020QRS 20 TM-382.220125QRS 20HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152027004QRS 30 BM-3113.830125QRS 30HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152027024QRS 25 TM-399.425125QRS 25HP 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152027008QRS 20 BMD-382.220125QRS 20HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60 BM
4152027012QRS 25 BMD-399.425125QRS 25HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152027028QRS 30 TM-3113.830125QRS 30HP-125 TM 208/460 60HZ
4152027032QRS 20 TMD-382.220125QRS 20HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60 TM
4152027016QRS 30 BMD-3113.830125QRS 30HPD 125PSI TRIV/3/60
4152027036QRS 25 TMD-399.425125QRS 25HPD-125 TM 208/460 60HZ
4152027040QRS 30 TMD-3113.830125QRS 30HPD-125 TM 208/460 60HZ
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