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chicago pneumatic RCP gas compressor

Chicago Pneumatic RCP Gas

Exceptional Strength with durability, performance, solid cast iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plates the RCP provides the strength that is required for everyday use. Aluminum head and coolers with deep fins allow for unmatched heat dissipation. Balanced pistons and crankshaft mean smoother and quieter operation. Oversized main bearings and automotive style replaceable insert bearings for a durable compressor pump. All units are 100% tested at full pressure.

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Part NumberModel NumberHPCapacity @ 100 PSIMAX PSITank Size (Gal.)Description
8090250606RCP-1030G101617530 HorizontalRCP-1030G/INTEK STANDARD
8090250608RCP-1430G1425.317530 HorizontalRCP-1430G/KOHLER STANDARD
8090250607RCP-1130G1118.517530 HorizontalRCP-1130G/HONDA STANDARD
8090250609RCP-1330G1325.317530 HorizontalRCP-1330G/HONDA STANDARD
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