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Two-Stage Electric – Elite

belaire two stage elite electric air compressor

BelAire Two-Stage Electric – Elite

Two-Stage Electric – Elite

Belaire 318VE BA5-5 230 1 80V S PD LOLS

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Part NumberModel NumberDescriptionHPVoltage/Ph.CFM @ 100 PSIMax PressureTank Size
8090250014318VEBelaire 318VE BA5-5 230 1 80V S PD LOLS5230/118.617580 Vertical
8090250009318HEBelaire 318HE BA5-5 230 1 80H S PD LOLS5230/118.617580 Horizontal
8090250027338VEBelaire 338VE BA5-5 230 3 80V S PD LOLS5230/318.617580 Vertical
8090250033338VE4Belaire 338VE4 BA5-5 460 3 80V S PD LOLS5460/318.617580 Vertical
8090250023338HEBelaire 338HE BA5-5 230 3 80H S PD LOLS5230/318.617580 Horizontal
8090250030338HE4Belaire 338HE4 BA5-5 460 3 80H S PD LOLS5460/318.617580 Horizontal
8090250011318HLEBelaire 318HLE BA5-7.5 230 1 80H S PD LOLS7.5230/125.317580 Horizontal
8090250016318VLEBelaire 318VLE BA5-7.5 230 1 80V S PD LOLS7.5230/125.317580 Vertical
8090250029338VLEBelaire 338VLE BA5-7.5 230 3 80V S PD LOLS7.5230/325.317580 Vertical
8090250035338VLE4Belaire 338VLE4 BA5-7.5 460 3 80V S PD LOLS7.5460/325.317580 Vertical
8090250025338HLEBelaire 338HLE BA5-7.5 230 3 80H S PD LOLS7.5230/325.317580 Horizontal
8090250032338HLE4Belaire 338HLE4 BA5-7.5 460 3 80H S PD LOLS7.5460/325.317580 Horizontal
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