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Cool Air Dryers

Refrigeration dryers use a refrigerant gas in order to cool the compressed air. As a result the water from the air condenses and can be removed. With this technique we can reach in the COOL range a pressure dew point of 45°F. As a result, the refrigeration technology is by far the most used dryer technology, complying for more than 95% of industrial applications. Refrigerant dryers are commonly used with pneumatic applications and in the general industry (e.g. engineering, steel, paper, tannery, garage).

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Part NumberModel NumberDescriptionVoltage/Ph.Air Treatment CapacityMax working Pressure (PSI)Max Inlet TemperatureTank Size
4102003584COOL 15Quincy COOL 15 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/115232122° F1/2″
4102003585COOL 25Quincy COOL 25 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/125232122° F1/2″
4102003586COOL 35Quincy COOL 35 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/135232122° F1/2″
4102003587COOL 50 Quincy COOL 50 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/150232122° F1/2″
4102003588COOL 65Quincy COOL 65 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/165232122° F3/4″
4102003589COOL 75Quincy COOL 75 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/175232122° F3/4″
4102002377COOL 100Quincy COOL 100 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/1100232122° F1″
4102005085COOL 125Quincy COOL 125 Refrigerated Air Dryer115/1125232122° F1″
4102005086COOL 150 Quincy COOL 150 Refrigerated Air Dryer230/1150188122° F1″ 1/2 F
4102005087COOL 200Quincy COOL 200 Refrigerated Air Dryer230/1200188122° F1″ 1/2 F
4102005088COOL 250Quincy COOL 250 Refrigerated Air Dryer230/1250188122° F1″ 1/2 F
4102005089COOL 275Quincy COOL 275 Refrigerated Air Dryer230/1275188122° F1″ 1/2 F
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